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Historic 1912 Coral Rock House for sale for $899,000 in Coral Gables

I stumbled across a 1912 Coral Rock house in Coral Gables, very near to the Grove, just off Ingraham Highway… currently listed for sale for $899,000.  Anyone looking for an historic property to restore should  take a look at this one.  It has been gutted, with beams now exposed, and previous plasterboard removed. Some of the work was begun by the previous owners …  including a few newer ‘picture’ windows.  The potential for this house hits you like lightning as you take your first glance inside.  Wandering through,  beneath the dust and (rather substantial) debris, what you can see of  the floors shows you that they are remarkable.  I spent an hour, trapsing through in awe, in spiked heals.  (Don’t! …   Wear flats instead!  You’ll appreciate the house all the more in appropriate attire.)  It’s fabulous… It’s NOT move in ready, or anywhere remotely close to that… and it’s not even livable at this point… but it has infinite potential to be beautiful beyond words.  Traditional,  historic Gables coral rock home: Small rooms. Low ceilings. It’s so typically a home from a century ago!  Even the garage has the feel of a carriage house.

On the grounds. toward the back of the property, are ruins of second coral rock house, and a shed.  Someone will make this property “grand” beyond words.  If you know of someone looking for a coral rock house, tell them about this one!  I think for what it is, and where it is, it’s a real find.  Apparently there are architectural plans for restoring it… but even a layman can see the potential.  Bring your own architect if you’d like.  (or…  I can recommend one)  For anyone looking to own or restore a coral rock house, this is a gem!  The address is on Ingraham Highway, but the entrance is not … The house has the feel of a very private villa, set well away from the road.  The lot is 15,561 square feet, and the two story house itself is listed as having 5,326 square feet . You’ll drive right by, missing it… truly… never noticing it, if you don’t keep your eyes peeled.  Again, the entrance is off the side street… not on Ingraham Highway… although the address is listed as 4395 Ingraham Highway, Coral Gables, Florida 33133.  Want a project?  This is going to be a home unlike anything anyone else has!   Believe me, it’s worth a glance.

Your comments on this, or other historic gems in Coral Gables are welcomed.   Call us for help finding, selling, or restoring coral rock homes in the Gables:  Vicki and Alexandra Restivo  –  EWM Realtors, Inc. – (305) 793-1365  or by email through [email protected] (website: )

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