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Real Estate and the Crystal Ball: A glimpse into the Green House of the Future

treehouseTHE  most frequently asked Real Estate Question always asks for a  magic CRYSTAL BALL.  Who has it?  What does the future hold?   The Wall Street Journal offers a sneak peek  into the future, and a glimpse into how  top architects envision  the Green House of the Future . You might be surprised.

Four architects came up with specific plans for energy-sustaining homes, and some of their ideas are downright intriguing. William McDonough forsees creating a treelike effect, with a photosynthetic layer on the surface of the house, mimicking a leaf capturing sunlight. The solar panels would be interwoven into the exterior and would heat water and generate electricity for the home (also creating oxygen for the atmosphere).

Another hot item in GREEN buildings is the “living roof” …. sodded, planted green space in the sky, with drainage and irrigation, and a safe haven for bugs and birds … and a ready supply of oxygen.  Returning green space, taken away by the construction itself,  makes sense.  We already have roof top pools,  so why not living roofs?

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