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Tips And Tricks To Selling Your Miami Home

In today’s Buyer’s Market, it is essential to make your home stand out from the crowd. A few simple tricks can help attract buyers to your house and make a quick sale. Updating and staging your home creates a great marketing tool and the investment usually pays off in a big way. Here are some ways to freshen your home’s look and obtain a quick sale.

Clean filth from bathrooms. Get rid of surface mold by mixing a spray bottle with one part bleach and one part water. Simply spray it on the wall and watch the mold disappear. With a coat of paint, the walls look fresh and new.

Instead of replacing a grimy shower door, clean it with a mixture of muriatic acid and 10 parts water, scrub it with steel wool and then wipe it down. Your shower door will sparkle. Just be careful to use gloves, as the acid may discolor things it comes in contact with, like skin and other objects.

Is your bathroom tile outdated? Rather than replace the tiles, a low cost alternative is to use paint. Start by coating the tiles with high-adhesion primer and follow by brushing on a special ceramic epoxy covering.

Kitchens are important in the sale of your home, and having it updated will work wonders on buyers. Instead of the high cost of replacing cabinets, stain them instead. Go with the grain of the wood and apply easy strokes. Add stylish hardware and your kitchen will look fresh and new.

Stainless steel appliances are all the rage, and studies show they create a big return for sellers. A quick fix alternative to buying new appliances is a stick on covering. Simply remove the front panels and clean them. Finally, apply a stainless-steel stick on covering and cut to size. Your kitchen will go from dated to ultra modern, and you won’t break the bank.

Freshen up old hardwood floors with a few simple steps. Isolate damaged boards, cut them out and replace them with new pieces. Rent a sander from your local hardware store to sand down the wood. The final step is staining the floors to make them shine.

Curb appeal is essential to getting a buyer to see your home. Most buyers make a decision on whether or not they like the house solely based on the outward appearance. Bring out the color in walkway pavers by using a stone sealer. Add a faux finish to corner stones using two tones of paint. Plant fresh flowers, fertilize the grass and add mulch around your plants.

Staging is key to selling your home. Simple things like clearing out clutter and personal items allow buyers to focus on the home and lets them imagine themselves living there. Paint the walls a neutral color and place furniture to show how functional the room is. Many people aren’t able to imagine what the space would look like with their things in it, yet you can lead them in the right direction by doing these few things.You also get a head start on your packing if you start taking things out now.

Let the sun shine in. Natural light is key to making a room feel light, airy and welcoming. Open window shades and use lots of artificial lighting. In this case, a lot of light is a good thing. Also arrange the space with light colored furniture as it enhances the airy feel.

These simple ideas can make sure your home stands out from the rest of them.There are so many homes for sale in this buyers market, you need to be sure yours stands out from the crowd. With these tips and tricks, prepare to have the offers come in and get ready to sell!

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