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HGTV Miami Style: David Bromstad / Miami Real Estate is VIBRANT!

HGTV is a household word these days,  impacting how we stage houses and show property …  and ultimately how we buy and sell homes.   David Bromstad’s  HGTV show  “Color Splash”  reaches homeowners all across the United States, as well as  abroad,  and has certainly infused Miami sellers with  ‘courage’ !   Courage  to create palette…  Courage to branch out from the more traditional, muted, subtle colors of the past… Courage to dabble in bright and vibrant colors that whisper  … or scream…  “Miami”.    chilipeppers

In his  HGTV program, Color Splash,  David Bromstad  serves up  style and color…  dishing out  professional  ‘permission’ to add flair and spark up those interior spaces.  From struggling artist to TV star, Miami’s David Bromstad has opened the artistic floodgates for South Florida .     Debbie Arrington  of the Sacramento Bee  offers  a peak  in her article above.

Romero Brito colors, tropical flair, novelty looks… Miami Real Estateoffers a canvas for the creative, the adventuresome, and the avant garde!   Miami is spicing it up!

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