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OPEN HOUSES don’t sell homes!  …  (So they say!) …   But I’ve SOLD  many homes to buyers who came because of an open house. (I even sold a CONDO to a buyer who was visiting a friend and got off on the wrong floor –  An hour later, we had a contract!) CIMG1421 

Who comes to open houses?  Everyone and anyone:  “Visitors” …  curious passers-by…  neighbors … “lookers” … “shoppers” …  and  yes,  actual real buyers.   

Will an open house sell your home?  Probably not.  YOUR REALTOR will sell your home.   An there are options:  Open Houses or Private Appointments. Which should you do?   Either or both… The  important thing is that it BE  SHOWN.  Statistics indicate that very FEW homes are ever bought  “sight unseen”.  The best way to sell a house ?  Make it visible and available to as many potential buyers as possible.  

Open houses aren’t for EVERYONE… Personally, I like OPEN HOUSES.   I hosted one yesterday for a stunning lakefront property at 9200 SW 140th Street …  on recreational  E-LAKE …  and served lunch to  Brokers and buyers, both. 

What’s the real benefit of hosting a broker’s open for the primary purpose of having other REALTORS see the property?   First of all Realtors do have buyers.  Furthermore Realtors walk, talk, network and share information with each other …  as well as with buyers.  Real estate is a business of connections, contacts and information-sharing.  Yesterday’s BROKER’S OPEN  brought more than just brokers and visitors.  It brought IDEAS!  Stay tuned… You can see  them on an  upcoming  Restivo blog on!   Watch for the blog  Unsolicited Advice from a Realtor: Selling Miami Better, Faster, Smarter!

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