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Miami Real Estate – Mold and Mildew


MiamiWe should have invested in a pressure cleaner sooner!  It makes everything seem ‘NEW’.  We went a bit crazy with it, feeding  the hose through a window to clean the shower… a bit over the top, I know.  I must say that it spiffed up the patio and pool deck in a heartbeat.  We’re enjoying being ‘outdoors’…  pressure cleaned  a  tile pathway leading from the pool to the cabana bath… used it on the hurricane shutters.  Not too shabby!   Mold is  a  huge health issue,  and has rightfully gained national exposure in global news… but mold and mildew are part and parcel of living in the tropics.  I’m not talking about the dangerous kind.  I’m talking about the run of the mill, everyday mold and mildew that grows on shady walkways or patios.  Looking to buy or sell a home  in Miami?  The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors can help!  Please give us a call at (305) 793-1365… or drop us a note here.   Selling Miami better, faster, smarter!

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