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Buying Real Estate in Miami? STICKER SHOCK for out-of-town Buyers!


Out-of-town buyers come to Miami with high expectations.  Miami delivers wholeheartedly on  many levels (and then again some!)… but we  fall short in certain areas.  Near the top of that list is our lack of basements …which can sever  the indoor space in half… necessitating  additional storage space for anyone moving from the mid-west.  No attics  either… (at least to speak of).   Buyers accustomed to attics and basements look to a thrid garage  to compensate … but triple garages are infrequent at best  in Miami… and add to the price. 

Miami Beach Lifeguard TowerLocation counts for a great deal!  Real Estate is relatively more expensive here in Florida than in MANY parts of the country… in part because of  lifestyle… mostly though because of our weather… and location. 

What you can buy in Kansas for $200,000.00 you can’t buy  here in Miami.   Exchange tornados for a healthy dose of sunshine and palm trees… Here you’ll get your sod on pallets ( it’s roots ready to attach and provide you with ready-made turf). House plants that grew a foot tall ‘back home’  are ‘trees’ here in Florida. Tropical fruit grows in the garden, and key lime is squeezed fresh… and not just found bottled.  Unusual varieties of flora and fauna are everywhere.  Lizards, bugs, and wildlife  reside just outside your doors. 

Cafes, bookstores, malls, parks  (and dog parks!)  are in every neighborhood.   There’s an almost endless summer here…. with no snow to shovel… water everywhere (lakes, waterways, canals, bay, ocean … swimming pools).   The people are friendly (or most of them are!).  The weather is welcoming. For the most part it’s lush and green and tropical almost year-round.  Yes you’ll pay more per square foot here in Miami, and have less space than you would in MANY parts of the United States ….  but maybe … just maybe… the trade-offs are worth it.

Miami is a mix of neighborhoods and  prices.   Need  help exploring the possibilities?  There’s literally a neighborhood for everyone and anyone… a right fit.   Miami is an easy place to live!  Click on for neighborhood and community information…. and explore  South Florida online with us… .  Contact Vicki Restivo  and  Alexandra Restivo … Selling Miami… better, faster, smarter!  Thinking about buying or selling property in Miami? Please give me a call at 305 – 793-1365.  To stay updated on Miami real estate information,  you can receive my blog posts directly to your inbox by subscribing below.

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