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Pinecrest Home Sales… LESS inventory and MORE sales in 2009!

Home sales have increased in Pinecrest from the start of 2009, slowly.  Looking back from January until now, the number of single family homes for sale dropped, while the number of homes that sold  increased.   There is no question but that more homes sell in the spring than in the winter… as seasons affect sales in Miami (and elsewhere). Nonetheless: 9 homes sold in January…  25 homes sold in August…  figures worth noting. While average listing prices have remained pretty much on a par with what they were nine months back (hovering around $1.6)  the average selling prices in Pinecrest are holding steady at around $950,000.   Inventory dropped… cutting into the available  “pool”…. with just over 12 months of inventory (as opposed to the 37 months worth we had back in April of 2009).  If you have been thinking about selling, this may be the time to look into it a bit more.  In the current market, you will need to be competitively priced to sell  (with one out of nine homes selling in any given month).  25 out of 214 homes sold  in Pinecrest in August  2009.  Curious as to the value of your home?  I’ll be glad to do a no-obligation market analysis for you.  Just click here.

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