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A SECRET to BUYING A HOUSE ! The Art of Buying Property in Miami




Secret Art of Real Estate

Why does one house get a slew of offers, and another sit idly?  Perceived value!  One Miami listing just got eight offers on it,  in a matter of just a few weeks (after a handful of showings, and a couple of open houses.) Were the offers similar to one another?  Not at all. They varied rather dramatically. I’m sharing this because offers can (and will) span a wide range, regardless of how a  property is priced. Why?  Because  buyers (and the Realtors they choose) don’t always have the right  tools and information!   If you are buying or looking to list a house for sale in Miami, please call me at 305 793-1365 or send me a note here.

Most buyers can tell you what THEY THEMSELVES would pay for a given home  (just as they might for a piece of art).  They may base it on their own finances,  or on what they know about the neighboring homes (sold and listed), or on how much they  want (or like) the house… or  how savvy  and knowledgeable they are.

That said… what would an appraiser value the property at?  What  would another buyer  pay for it?  Those are BOTH key!   Based on other homes for sale, what’s the value?   Nearby comparable homes sold for what?  What else  is available?  What will the house likely appraise for?  That information is basic, and as a buyer, something you need to know.

Having a Realtor who is knowledgeable and technologically adept, and who enjoys negotiating… will help get you the right house, at the right price!  By sifting and selecting, analyzing,weeding through, and showing you the cream of the crop, we can position you to move fast when you find the right house.  Time is truly of the essence in real estate:  The best properties get scooped up quickly. Many sell before they are announced publicly!  Why? Realtors tell everyone: friends, family, acquaintances, buyers, and each other… (the WORLD!) what they’re listing.  As the ink is  drying on the listing docs, the paperwork  being processed through the office, and the photos uploaded, the listing agent is already networking and spreading the word. 

Realtors worth their weight in salt are inter-connected with other Realtors  (and buyers and sellers!) locally and globally. That networking sells houses!    

Are you considering buying or selling a house in Miami?  If so, please give me a call at (305) 793-1365 or send a note here .

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