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Turn Your Outdated Bathroom Into A Modern Masterpiece

Tired of your outdated bathroom? There’s a simple remedy to get rid of the old tile on your wall-Wainscoting. The people at HGTV  have given us these step-by-step  instructions.


1. Remove all vanity accessories from the area that will be covered. Disconnect the water supply and the remove the sink.

2. Cut the plywood into 2 inch strips and apply the strips over the tile. Drill through the grout lines. Using screws, attach the strips to the studs in the walls. The strips will be used to attach the bead board.

3. Using a nail gun, attach the bead board pieces. Use a miter saw to cut them.

4. Install the baseboard and top molding using the nail gun.

5. Caulk all the seams and touch up the paint.

6. Now that the wainscotting is installed, you can paint the room…although you may want to paint the room before you start the installation (to avoid trim-painting to the bead board).

7. Reinstall the sink and put back the vanity accessories.

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