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Life is Full of Traditions … Sharing One with You!


Fabulous behind a grill, my dad spent very little time in an actual kitchen… until he became an empty-nester.  I don’t know what sparked the change, but he took up baking bread… with a passion.  His ‘hobby’  became  tradition … something he and his grandson share now, each time he visits Miami.  The two of them spend the day together, baking ‘schiacciata’  … from scratch (Italian flatbread).  Papa brings his own sea salt, yeast, spatulas and measuring spoons (in a suitcase)… and I always wonder what that might look like on an airport security screen.


Our house smells like freshly baked bread tonight… and it reminds me of  why I love what I do.  I help new homeowners find houses, houses that will become ‘home’.  I sell houses for people who take their memories with them, and leave other memories behind.  When you’re ready to consider moving,  I’d love to help.   


Watching my kids and my parents together…  making  bread, schiacciata, chili … fudge  … I’m reminded of what changes  ‘house’ into ‘home’.   Please, call me when you are thinking about  – or are ready –  to move   305 793-1365.

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