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Price Reduced to value 

In  THIS market, how do you REALLY know if a property is priced right (… or not!) ?   Whether you’re buying or selling, there are a number of tools available to you.   By using this link here  you can see currently listed properties, and compare them to others listed for sale… as well as others that recently sold. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling…  this is good information… information that  you should have access to.

You can  determine whether a house is priced right…  by clicking the link above.  

 As your Realtor, I’ll give you all of that information, and more … but you may want to explore a bit on your own as well .  If so, just go to the link above, and from the SEARCH BOXenter ANY portion of the address (street name, address, zip code, city)…  Be as specific as you want.   By clicking on any property at all,  you can see the details… and look at comparables.  

CLICK ON  “COMPARE” …  You’ll find properties currently for sale, as well as those that already sold:  1) “SIMILAR”  = currently for sale in the immediate area …  and   2)”RECENTLY SOLD”  = sold/closed within the last 24 months.  You can pull the price per square foot and the date of sale by clicking on the property itself.

Buying or selling in Miami?   Call me:  305 793-1365 …  or send me a note here .   Information on whether a property is priced right …  Vicki Restivo, Miami…  EsslingerWootenMaxwell…  EWM Realtors,Inc.    Alexandra and  I will be happy to give you access to as much information as you like.  Buying or selling?  Do call us!   …  and visit our  MiamiRealEstateCafe blog.

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