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Miami Secret … 12 Hours of Darkness !


All you need is 12 hours of darkness !   For what?   South Florida landscape will brighten … to a warm red…  with one simple recipe.

Have poinsettia plants you’re not sure what to do with?  poinsettia Jeff Wasielewski  of  Fairchild Tropical Gardens says “Plant them in the ground … somewhere sunny.  Choose a location where they won’t get light from a street lamp or house lights though…   They require 12  continuous hours of darkness (out of any 24 hour period of time)…  in order to turn red.   They’ll  ‘bloom’ again next winter, with the long tropical nights …  and 12 hours of  complete darkness.” 

Miami’s Fairchild Tropical Gardens is full of secrets… secrets they spill in their Miami Herald columns

Miami welcomes snow birds and tropical plant enthusiasts year-round … many of whom eventually move here.  Thinking about relocating to Miami?   If you are in the market for a lovely tropical garden…  a South Florida home … somewhere warm and inviting…   MiamiRealEstateCafe  can help.   Send us a note here, or give us a call at 305 793-1365.

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