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How To Clean Your Miami Home- It Only Takes 10 Minutes A Day!

Cleaning your home can be a daunting task, but home economist Deborah-Taylor-Hough says it can all be done in 10 minutes…here’s how:

kid cleaning floor-Make a game out of it-Set a timer for 10 minutes and have the kids race to pick up all they can before the alarm goes off.

-Use the dishwasher to clean non-dishes. Clean things like candlesticks, vases, even children’s toys.

-Prevent bathroom mirrors from fogging up by rubbing dish soap into the mirrors and letting it dry. Rub the soap in vigorously, but it should prevent foggy mirrors for up to two weeks.

-If more than one child uses the bathroom, use old shoeboxes with labels to seperate the toiletries.

living room clean-Remove dust from stuffed animals by placing them in the dryer on fluff cycle with a dryer sheet.

-Take 5 minutes a day to clean up each room. It is not in place of a deep cleaning, but it will keep the clutter to a minimum in the mean time.

-Vacuum and then dust, so the vacuum doesn’t kick back dust into the air and onto furniture.

-Refrigerator odors can be absorbed by placing an open bowl filled with two or three charcoal brickettes on a back shelf.

These simple steps can keep your house looking fresh and clean…and it only takes 10 minutes!

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