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Spring Gardening Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

With the following spring gardening tips, I’m going to help you (along with the help of HGTV) spruce up your garden and make your yard appealing this spring.


1. Work the soil when it’s mostly dry. The whole structure of the soil gets destroyed with tilling or walking on it when it’s really wet. Use raised beds if the soil is too wet to work with. The soil in the raised beds dries out faster than the land around it, enabling you to plant earlier in the spring.

2. Cool season plants – onions, spinach, sweet peas and lettuce – should be planted in early spring so they mature before the hot weather arrives. Delay planting warm weather plants until the soil has warmed sufficiently.

3. Choose your plants for heat-tolerance. You will want plants that can resisit the warm weather.

4. Transplanting plants from indoors to outdoors, make sure you slowly transition between the two. If you’ve started growing seedlings inside your house, gradually expose them to the outdoor conditions. You can do this by placing the pot in the sun for a few hours a day and then gradually leaving the plant exposed to the sun a little longer as time passes before the final move into the garden.

5. Compost makes for great soil. If you don’t have a compost, you should consider starting one.

6. Prune flowers that will bloom in the summer now, in early spring. Hydrangeas are the one exception to this-they need to be pruned in the fall because they bloom in late winter and early spring.

7. Rotate vegetable crops by growing them in different locations than in previous seasons. The soil is better in new locations.

If you would like to sell your home and want some tips on how to spruce it up, give me a call or email me today!

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