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Village of Pinecrest Homebuyers: Obligatory Municipal Water Hook-Up


WATER HOOK UPS in PINECREST, FLORIDA … who pays… who benefits…  What are the costs and what is the grace period? 

I just confirmed with the Village of Pinecrest as to the OBLIGATORY MUNICIPAL WATER HOOK-UP GUIDELINES:
1)  Current homeowners in the Village of Pinecrest have 10 years (grace period) in which to connect to city water, once the lines are in place on the street for any given residence.

2) Hook-up is mandatory once a property is SOLD.

3) It is the responsibility of the buyer to connect, and the buyer has 90 days in which to do so.

4) Costs are  $146 for the Village of Pinecrest plumbing permit, and $486 for the Miami-Dade hook-up.

5) Home owners must contract with their own plumber to do the work. Pricing varies accordingly.

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