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Decorator Ready Means WHAT … in Miami?

When you buy property in Miami “decorator ready”…  you are not buying a finished townhome or condo that looks like the model… nor are you buying something that’s  “ready to move in”! 

Instead,  you’ll need to finish it…   So, what DO you … and DON’T you GET…  when it’s sold “decorator ready”?You’ll need to finish basic things… before moving in:  Floors will need to be laid … painting will need to be done… window treatments will need to be installed… and closets will need to be finished off.  Decorator ready DOES NOT IMPLY move in and just add those decorative personal touches …  such as artwork or furniture. 

Decorator ready means:  without paint (other than a powdery primer)… without flooring (other than perhaps the tile in the bathrooms)… and without the closets built-out.  decorator readyIf your unit comes  “generator ready”, or with a private elevator, what you contract to buy may come ready for a generator or for an elevator to be installed (but often without it being included in the base price).

The finishes and upgrades  you see in the model version are often not what you get with decorator-ready pricing.   Blinds, drapes, window treatments and upgrades are often ‘extra’ – and often come at a premium price.

The up side of buying decorator ready is that you can choose your finishes.  Wood floors … or stone … granite counter-tops … high back-splash… modern cabinetry or Italian made… mosaic tiles … added lighting… color choices and upgrades.

You will likely be required to use building-specified sound-proofing and materials under the flooring (particularly if you are buying in a Miami condo building). 

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