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Working with Developers and Architects to Create the Perfect Custom Home

What’s it like to work with developers and architects? We’re becoming quite experienced with the process. We have been working with a buyer for several months and have gotten to experience first hand what it’s like to deal with new construction and everything that goes along with it.

Our buyer’s requests: a townhouse in a gated community, 5 bedrooms, new construction in Coral Gables, South Miami or Pinecrest. The Venetian Coral Gables was the first community that came to mind. The only problem is that it won’t be built in the timeframe he wants. The other options were Old Spanish Village, Oak Lane, Pine Manor and the Cloisters. After checking them out and weighing his options, our buyer chose Oak Lane.plans

Remember, the buyer wanted 5 bedrooms (Oak Lane has a max of 3 per unit), so we sat down with the developer and the architect, who were very helpful in coming up with a solution…combine 2 units and make them into one larger one! The architect drew up beautiful plans to accomodate the buyer’s requests, and voila! After negotiations with the developer and finalizing plans with the architect, the buyer ended up buying four units and combining two and two (to make 2 large units).

That’s the beauty with new construction-the developer can work with you to accomodate your needs. We have been a part of this process, step by step, and will be until the project is complete.

If you would like to buy your own townhouse in one of these communities or any other in community, or would like to look into the Venetian Coral Gables and what it has to offer, contact the Restivo Team today! We would love to help you find and create the perfect home for you!

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