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Home Repairs – Fix it Yourself: Washer

washing machine 

Some home repairs are fairly easy (and fairly inexpensive)  fixes…  if you’re  handy.   Other repairs require a technician.  The most common washing machine ailments revolve (literally!) around the spin and balance.

Balance is an easy  “do-it-yourself-fix”.   Over-packed washers, or ones that are not sitting level on the floor, may spin lop-sided, or spray water onto the floor.  Move the machine, or adjust the ‘feet’ so it sitting level.

A broken lid switch is more serious.   If you hear NO sound whatsoever when you put the machine on spin cycle, it may be a broken lid switch.    The lid switch mechanism ( a tiny button on the inside lip of the washer lid)  keeps the machine from spinning when the lid is open – for safety reasons .   If that’s the case, just call a repair technician.

A malfunctioning motor or a broken belt will probably require a service call… but if the problem is the transmission or the drive motor, you are probably better-off getting a new washing machine… energy efficient and with tax savings.

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