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I wish I were a fly on the wall, and could have heard the whole conversation.  I got enough of a snippet … and I must say, it was rather typical of Real Estate agents who JUST DON’T GET IT!  

One Realtor was muttering about how much he hated working with buyers, because they were all looking for  DEALS.  Another Realtor dittoed, commenting that every buyer these days wants a STEAL … and wants to trample on someone’s short sale and foreclosure woes.

That’s as much as I heard. 

They got it WRONG!  Buyers are not looking for a STEAL.  They are looking for VALUE… the best value they can find.  No one wants to overpay in this (or any!) market.  But VALUE does not mean CHEAPEST … NOR does it mean that a buyer wants to trample on someone’s financial situation.

Buyers definitely don’t want the CHEAPEST HOUSE around.  They have criteria that is important… and it has everything to do with “Value!”.   I can prove that to you in ten minutes.  I can take you to see a CHEAP house, that you wouldn’t want it even if it were free.  The house you will ultimately choose will be a house that has value…. value to you.  And value is definitely subjective … It has to do with location, “potential”,  lay-out, design, feel, personal appeal … and how that VALUE relates to COST. 

People may say they’re looking for a DEAL…or a STEAL… but what they really want  is VALUE…. Maybe you should use the help of an expert top local Realtor who can help you find “it”…. (“IT” meaing “VALUE”).

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