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Social Media and Real Estate – Fine Line Divides Good and Evil

There is no question that social media plays a key role in selling real estate.  There is however a fine line between using it well, and crossing over into a rather nebulous “grey area”. 

We can negotiate contracts from a hotel lobby, a subway car or the powder room, we can text discretely from the  dinner table using a handheld … We can fax from an airplane.

Looking around at people in social settings,  their faces glued to their hand-helds,  it’s evident that we have grown dependent on instant gratification and have an almost compulsive need for immediate responses.  kid-on-cell-phoneI’m so guilty of that!  Social media, put  in perspective, is invaluable.   As it intrudes on actual face to face social interaction though, I wonder if we’ve taken it a step too far.

Clandestine texting and checking for emails under the table …  Does it distract from the the social setting of those dining together?  It’s amusing. 

We’re all guilty of pulling out our handhelds, and checking for updates. I’m addicted. I saw the photographs my husband took of me while we were on vacation… texting and emailing.  Am I really that bad?  BlackBerry, CrackBerry… What is it called when you have an i-Phone?  Must say, I admire those who are actually able to abide by their voicemail messages:  ” Messages left after 7pm will be returned the following morning”.

My customers are accustomed to immediate responses… I’m used to responding fairly fast.  Finding balance remains a challenge.  That said, if you’re looking for a top Realtor call me today!

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