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Miami … Baby Boomers and Miami Real Estate


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The meaning of  “home” morphs over time …

In college, it was a house in Northern California that I shared with three friends … with a private rooftop where we could perfect our ‘all over tan’…  a vegetable garden for  REAL  food…  and a freezer big enough to store our ‘staple’ food –  Swensen’s ice cream. 

After college, it was a tiny (nearly windowless) room in Firenze, Italia … that I rented… for $50 a month… while I worked and played and dabbled in art. 

In New York it was a studio (our “first-home” –  purchased as semi-newlyweds).  We converted it into a very cool, but somewhat make-shift  “one-bedroom” …  And eventually we substituted a crib in place of  our custom-built dining room hutch.  We lived in that converted studio, crowded and happy, until shortly after baby #2 arrived.  

Baby #3 was born in Miami. For decades now we’ve lived here… in South Florida… where each of our kids have enjoyed their own “space” …  and visitors and friends are welcome to the  guest bedroom/office…  

Time is ticking ….  Now it’s time for something smaller again, for us too.  Full circle.   So many of us “baby-boomers”  are ready to downsize, and thinking about what’s next.  

Many of our buyers are looking to downsize … and looking for 1-story homes. 

If you own a single story home… you are holding onto a goldmine!  As an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor who works in Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, South Miami (and surrounds), I can tell you that baby-boomers are hungry for single story homes… and single story homes, right now,  are in short supply.  When you are ready to sell, please give me a call.  We may have a buyer for your house, already.

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