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Flying with the Flugtag!


The Red Bull Flugtag is finally coming to Miami! The Flugtag is a Red Bull sponsored event where competitors build homemade gliders and launch them off the pier into water. The gliders rarely actually fly and come in a variety of styles (ever seen a pig fly? You can see it here!) The first Flugtag started in Vienna in 1991 and since then has traveled the globe only coming to Miami once in 2004 but to Tampa Bay in 2008. The gliders are judged by  distance, creativity, and showmanship, and the record thus far is 195 ft. Anybody can enter the competition by submitting an application and meeting the design criteria, but the event is free for all spectators.

The Flugtag will be at Bayfront Park on July 10, 2010. Gates will open at 10:00 AM and the first flight is at 12:00 PM. The last flight will be at 2:30 PM.

Contributing Author: Michael Restivo

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