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Coral Gables Parks

park playCoral Bay Park: Located at 1590 Campamento Ave, this 1.3 acre park features picnic tables, benches, a walking path, a playground and basketball courts.

Jaycee Park: The park is situated on 2 acres and has a tennis court, basketball court, a playground, pavillions, benches and a walking path. It’s located at 1230 Hardee Rd.

Nat Winokur Park: The half acre park is located at 150 Ruiz Ave and features a basketball court and a playground.

Pierce Park: This smaller Gables park has a playground, picnic tables and pavillions. Located at 101 Oak Ave.

parkSunrise Harbor Park: This park features tennis courts, a basketball court, picnic tables, a walking path and a playground. At just under an acre, the park is located at 25 Sunrise Ave.

Salvadore Park: The 3.7 acre park is also a popular tennis center, located at 1200 Andalusia Ave. There are covered picnic tables, swings, slides, a clubhouse and a playground. There’s also a large grassy area, perfect for dodgeball or other sports.

Phillips Park: Located at 90 Menores Ave, the 3.2 acre park has tennis courts, a ball field, a basketball court and a playground as well as picnic tables and benches.

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