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A New Twist on Coral Gables Hospitality

The Ambassador Program is coming to Downtown Coral Gables. These Ambassadors will be like a concierge, but will be street-side. By the end of the year, the easy to spot Parking Enforcement Officers will be asked to participate in this program. directions in coral gablesThey will answer questions about the City and it’s history, they will provide directions to your favorite restaurant and hand out literature like maps or brochures, in addition to their regular parking duties. The officers will receive training in First Aid, Hospitality, City Services, Public Transportation as well as in Customer Service. The Ambassadors will wear bright clothing and will have marked vehicles, making it easy to spot them. The goal is to provide visitors and residents with a friendlier experience in Coral Gables. The program is supposed to be implemented by the end of 2010.

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