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Miami Real Estate Report for 2010 and 2011- Misinformation is Rampant!



The information hotline is bubbling over with misinformation…  on many fronts … especially with regard to real estate.  

Having a few facts will make life easier.

Here are a few tidbits of information for you to tuck away:

We are selling two times what we were selling 5 years ago.   Selling prices are 1/2 what they were 5 years ago.  Million dollar condo sales now exceed million dollar residential sales.   This is Miami … and  real estate is still very much in demand.  

Whether your parents are thinking about selling,  or your kids are looking to buy,  we can help.   We specialize in condos and homes throughout  Miami  and the beaches… You can reach us anytime:  305- 793-1365   or   305-632-0164  (cellular numbers). For accurate up to date real estate information, please visit our blog….  where  real estate blogs are posted and updated daily.

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