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Buying A Home…Let The Search Begin

buying miami homeBuying a new home is an exciting yet exhausting process. Being prepared before you hit the street with the Restivo Team will make the process a bit easier. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a new home:

Do some preliminary research online. Use our site to look at all the properties available out there. This is just to give you an idea as to what you’re looking for…the Restivo Team will do the leg work and research for you.

Bring a notebook, pen and digital camera with you. You want to make notes and take pictures as you go along making it easier to remember the good (and bad) of the homes you visit.

Keep a folder with print outs on properties you’ve seen. The Restivo Team always provides information, maps, etc of the homes we take you to see, so be sure to keep those with you.

Don’t view too many properties in one day. When you see too many all at once, tinternet home searchhey start to blend together. Yes, you will have your notes and pictures, but you will remember them better and will feel less overwhelmed if you don’t cram a ton of homes into one day.

If you find a home you like, visit it at different times of the day. It’s important because sometimes things in the house are different in the morning than in the afternoon. For example, you may have an apartment facing West. In the morning, the place feels nice and cool, offering great views. In the afternoon though, the sun could beam down through the windows, making it really warm (even with the blinds closed and the A/C cranking).

Look past the interior decorating. Things like paint and decor can and will be changed once you live there. Try to look beyond clutter as well. When looking for a new home, realize that not everyone has the same taste and way of living as you do. Know that is something that’s easily fixed.

Now that we’ve gotten the process started, contact the Restivo Team today. We will research for you, set up appointments, take you to see homes, negotiate on your behalf and help you through to closing (and beyond). Leave the work to us-we are happy to help.

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