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TV Show Producing Story on Condo Living … and Looking to Interview Miami Condo Owners

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MIAMI CONDO OWNERS:  “There is a  TV show  looking to produce a story next week on unexpected condo costs (which the owners can’t control.)   The producers want to profile a Miami  condo-owner (close to retirement … or in a  fixed income situation) … struggling financially due to an increase in maintenance costs (or special assessment /or fee of some sort).  The on-camera, taped interview would take place the week of November 1st and would take no more than 2-hours to complete.”

If  you have a story you would care to share on camera,  we can certainly put you in touch with the producers of this particular TV segment – to be shot in Miami next week.   Feel free to call or email the Restivo Team.  Happily, we know of no condo owners who fit the requirements for this segment,  but perhaps one of our blog readers might know of someone?

In that vein, if you are considering buying  property in Miami (or anywhere for that matter), due diligence is the name of the game!  Rely on a Top Realtor and/or real estate attorney.   Please don’t hesitate to call us … The Restivo Team (Our daily blog:    (305) 793-1365 or 632-0164

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