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Buying an older house? Then you might want to know a little something about inspections and insurance


If you are purchasing a home that’s 35 years or older in South Florida,  for insurance purposes (and savings!) order a FOUR POINT INSPECTION … plumbing, AC, roof, electrical.  Citizens Insurance (the primary insurer in South Florida) will require that a licensed Engineer, Architect or Contractor do the inspection… Your inspection company can tell you by phone whether they offer a four point inspection.

Roof:A tile roof requires recertification if the roof is 30 years old or more,  and shingle roofs that are 25 years old or more require recertification as well …. Whether the roof is tile or shingle,  insurance companies will likely want the life expectancy for the roof to be  3 years – minimum.

Shutters and Impact Windows & Doors: Discounts and savings on insurance run upwards of  $1,000 on homes with shutters or impact glass…. and the savings is identical whichever the house has.

Insurance:  If the property you are purchasing is 50 years or older (and has updated plumbing, AC, roof, electrical) order all of the inspections, so you can take advantage of the discounts.  If you’re buying east of US1, and not located within a flood zone, you may be able to limit your insurance to WINDSTORM only …

Mitigation: Order mitigation for hurricane protection.  If the roof was replaced after Hurricane Andrew, you can save on insurance by getting mitigation.

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