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Miami Real Estate: Best Time to BUY and SELL?

The best time to list your house for sale is immediately after January 1st.  The reason is because the percentage of  buyers out there between January and April is typically higher in relationship to the number of homes available for sale. From January through April you’ll have fewer homes competing with yours for buyers.  By the end of April, typically you’ll have more sellers jumping on the band wagon, and  listing their homes for sale.

Spring is when most new listings come on the market.  That’s due to weather,  and because families are  inclined to buy and move in late spring and summer.  Buyers normally have more  to choose from between April and mid June.  

The best time to buy property is the 4th quarter of the year.   Typically there’s less “inventory” at end of the year, and sellers who continue showing during the holidays are often more motivated and serious about selling.  

Whenever you are ready to buy or sell real estate,  please don’t hesitate to contact the Restivo Team or  our cellulars: 305 793-1365 and 305-632-0164 anytime it’s convenient for you.  We will be delighted to assist you.

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