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How Long Does It Take To Sell a House?

In the current market,   if your property isn’t under contract within about 60 days of being listed,  it’s time to evaluate why…   and time to make adjustments.    Have there been lots of visitors and no offers?    No viewings … No inquiries … ?   Low-ball offers?  How long it will take you to sell is contingent primarily on 3 things:

1) Correctly pricing the property:   Buyers buy when they perceive “value”

2) Marketing to the right buyer:  Clever marketing works …  I can tell you that if the house doesn’t have a backyard (or a pool – in Miami!)  marketing it to the buyer who doesn’t want to maintain a yard (or doesn’t want a pool) is the way to go!   Sounds simple.  It really is! 

3) Photography & Curb Appeal:  First impressions count!  Buyers decide within the first 30 seconds whether the house is ‘theirs’ … or not.  And if your photographs aren’t good enough to get them from the internet to the driveway  you won’t even have that.

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