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Camoflage? Flip?

Looking to buy a home?  Keep your antenna up!  

There is nothing inherently wrong with  flipping  property… nor anything wrong with having it staged.   What about “covering up” though?   … Let me tell you…  If  a seller moves an area rug to hide a water mark on the wood floor, I’m going to wonder what else that seller is hiding!

Staging is great.  Staging a home allows  buyers to envision themselves living there.  With the clutter and distractions  gone,  each room is defined and recognizable.  You know where the living and dining rooms are, and you know where the bedrooms are. The purpose of staging  property is to make it visually appealing to the person wandering through  …   Staging removes clutter, allows the eye to continue moving, and create flow.     

Staging and decorating  differ, and serve two separate purposes.  

Staging is for someone passing through.

Interior design or interior decorating are for the benefit of someone sitting or staying… and to be experienced from that vantage point.  

If you stage a house,  look through the eyes of your buyer…  who will  walk through the house … not sit down for dinner.

Whether you’d like  tips on staging a home (*You can actually take  a staging class )   or whether you would like the expert eye of your Realtor (me)  to help you get your house ready to sell,   I’d love to talk with you about listing and selling your home … 

You are welcome to contact the Restivo Team anytime at 305 793-1365 or 305- 632-0164  or contact us here, whether you’d like to buy, sell, lease  property in the Miami area … or relocate elsewhere .   We look forward to chatting with you. 

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