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Should You Do Open Houses? Seller’s Advice

So many Realtors whimper  “Open Houses Don’t Sell Homes”.      Right.  It’s not the OPEN HOUSE that sells the house. And I think that’s where the issue really lies.   It’s the Realtor holding the open house who sells the house.   So  I have to wonder whether those who say Open Houses don’t work  are the same agents who don’t want to spend their weekends working. Holding an Open House is easy on the seller.  But it requires work on the side of the listing agent. 

An agent polishing her nails and watching the clock is  going to sell a house.  But open houses work…. if you (and your Realtor) knows how to work them.    I promise!   

The ONLY time I questioned the benefit of holding an open house,  was when I was asked to hold a Coral Gables CONDO UNIT OPEN.  ( I’d recently sold their parents home).   There was a glut of condos then in Miami.  They asked when their first OPEN would be.  

I had my doubts about holding a CONDO open.  Serious doubts!   But …  Someone popped by that OPEN HOUSE who had no intention of buying (he just came in because he was visiting a friend in the building) …  He mentioned liking the building,  talked about his job, an unexpected change in his life, and the fact that he was contemplating renting.  We chatted about the pros and cons of renting vs buying.  We scribbled down the numbers, played with them …  toying with several different scenarios.    He bought that unit … and…  he bought the furniture!

Open a bottle of wine .  Serve some food.   Create electricity.  (Have a bottle of Champagne chilled and ready to pop when you get that offer!)   Wanting to sell?   The Restivo Team will sell yours.   Please give us a call at 305 793-1365  or drop us a note here, whenever you are ready.

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