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Appalling Real Estate Agent Behavior

Real Estate Agents are as diverse  as their clients.   If we were all cloned from the same nitch, it would be boring.     Miami Realtors span the extremes.  

In the past couple of weeks,  I’ve had buyers in tow …   previewing some outragiously exquisite homes in Miami.   The calibre of  listing agents continues to stun me …  (and I’m talking about top producing Miami Realtors !)    If  sellers could JUST be a fly on the wall, and watch how their Realtors act with prospective buyers,  it might be eye-opening  …   and might have some sellers running for the hills!   

Here’ the good …  the bad and the ugly …  from opposite ends of the spectrum … in just the past couple of weeks in Miami:

Appalling agent attitude:

1)  In previewing property, we encountered a listing agent who wouldn’t shake hands or acknowledge  the buyer’s spouse…wouldn’t make eye contact…   jabbered  incessantly on the cell phone … socializing with who-knows-who on the other end of the line.  

2) A few days prior, we saw waterfront property listed by a TOP listing agent who stood with arms crossed at the door, dour and ungracious.  Seriously …  you are selling a house … and you  look like you are ready to sever someone’s head?

3)  And then there was the agent who shovelled salad into her mouth as we previewed her home …   Really? 

THEN… there was this… SHE is truly the ICING ON THE CAKE:

Isn’t THIS what every seller is entitled to!…   THIS is the  kind of agent I’d want, if I were selling my house.  As far from milk-toast as is humanly possible,   this EWM agent blew me out of the water with a class act that few agents can even begin to aspire to, even if they wanted to:  

I got a phone call the other day,  from one of my colleagues at  EWM, calling to follow up after we had previewed  her listing.   She didn’t call asking for feedback.   She  phoned to invite my buyers back any evening …  to savor the outdoors and the waterfront …  offering to open champagne and serve hors d’oeuvres  … This doesn’t come from ” HOW TO SELL A HOUSE” … or from  “Real Estate 101“…   But isn’t THIS what every seller is entitled to?    Classy and brilliant!   If I were listing my house, I’d know who to hire …  This is what real estate should be about …   OK, it’s beyond what most agents will do to sell property … but it is precisely how to sell a home! 

Whenever you are ready to buy, sell or lease property in South Florida,  The Restivo Team at EWM would be pleased to assist you will any and all of your real estate needs.   We look forward to working with you!   [email protected]    305 793-1365 or 305 632-0164   Alexandra and Vicki .   You are always welcome to contact us here as well.

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