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3 Seconds to SELL YOUR HOUSE

Not sure whether first impressions count?  

Last week,  I was scouring through  a couple hundred listings online.   I excluded properties fast.   My search criteria was specific to the buyers we were working with …   

I’d  read through  120 (or so)  property descriptions…. then narrowed it to the top  45-50…    looking for value.   

Once I clicked over to  the online  photos  ….  it took me only a second or two to scratch  potential properties.   I needed  the top 10 in my buyer’s price point…  and was  narrowing it …  based on curb appeal and “house pride”.  

It’s easy to sell a home when you have photos and descriptions that tell more of a storythan a single blurry shot of the front.  Some of the pictures  online  (for half-million dollar homes) were so miniscule as to require a magnifying glass  …  There were photos that looked as though they’d been taken decades ago.  Some make the properties appeared  unkempt or unattended to (and even a blower or a rake could have rectified that)…  heaps of debris…  clutter … nothing was needed other than  some boxes and a bit of staging…   

First impressions count.    Sometimes you get one shot at selling your property.   A single blurry shot of the garage door taken from the middle of the road isn’t going to entice buyers to take a second glance, let alone  drive by or ask for an appointment.  The buyers we were working with … they found their house.

I may be able to see past the cosmetic fixes…  and pick out the diamonds in the rough.   Often those are the homes I’ll choose to show my clients…   But when a buyer has 120 choices,  if you don’t have  good photos, your house may not make their list of  “must see”.  It only takes 3 seconds for a buyer or their Realtor to eliminate your house …   Photos and descriptions give you the upperhand, because they make your house a contender, or eliminate it in a matter of seconds,  in the eyes of  buyers  (and Realtors) who are scouring the MLS. 

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