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Creative Funding of your Earnest Money

moneyThe Real Estate  market  is heating up… South Florida is already on a roll …   first quarter of 2011.  In Miami, it’s still very much a buyer’s market.   

If you are thinking about buying, and want to explore  creative funding  there are  a number of acceptable alternative sources of funds that you can use  to purchase property.Your escrow deposit ( also known as your good faith or earnest  money deposit) as well as your closing costs can come from a number of alternative sources

* Monetary gifts from a family member

* IRS tax refunds

* Sales of assets

* Seller contributions toward closing costs

* Downpayment assistance programs

Whenever you’re ready to buy, sell, lease or build … it  takes one phone call (or a note to the Restivo Team).   If you’re not already working with a top Realtor, and you’re looking for a reliable, experienced local real estate expert, call me.   I look forward to talking with  you… and working with you.    The Restivo Team  305-793-1365.

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