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Home Inspections to be Held to HIGHER Standards

After a recent mold inspection (the results of which appeared to me to be entirely bogus!)  … and by the way that inspection company was clammoring for the remediation job …  I am pleased to see that  the DBPR has imposed some long-needed checks and balances.   Companies performing  inspections will now be prohibited from doing the mold remediation themselves,  within a year of  the time of the inspection. 

Home inspection companies won’t longer be permitted to solicit business nor will they be allowed to perform repairs on property they’ve inspected,  effective July 1,2011… until after the sale  actually closes.  

It was about time for the DBPR to step in and establish guidelines.

This won’t preclude inspection companies from providing buyers/sellers/Realtors with recommendations as to service providers … but it will definitely curtail the efforts of the inspection companies  who are clamoring for the chance to do the repairs themselves…  and it will eliminate some of the potential for conflict of interest.   

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