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Coral Gables Boat Slips & Docks Available

Waterfront property  throughout Miami sells for a premium.   Property with dockage, or that included deeded dock space ,  tend to sell at yet another notch above.  For a list of the 13 currently available boat slips in Coral Gables, click here.

Marinas in Coral Gables

Dock space (whether deeded or cooperative)  in Coral Gables typically  costs anywhere from the high $100,000’s upward of $500,000 depending on the marina, the specific location within that marina,  and the size of yacht that can be accommodated. 

Application fees run as high as $15,000  (if you are looking at  slips in Cocoplum).  

Deering Bay application fees run considerably less .. $1,500 …  although Deering Bay does require marina  applicants to own property within Deering Bay ( whether a condo, townhouse, estate home or patio home)  before  they are eligible to purchasing a slip.

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