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Miami Herald Reports Increase in Real Estate Values

The Miami Herald reports that real estate values are literally all across the board.  Some areas are increasing,  others declining. 

The good news for South Florida is that home values are on the rise in many parts of Miami-Dade County, including Pinecrest and Coral Gables.  There are a number of reasons for the housing recovery:  One has to do with the calibre of the  public school system and  A-rated schools  in  those two  South Florida areas …   Schools are important draws for families relocating to Florida.  Another reason for the housing recovery is certainly the lifestyle.   There is an array of housing opportunity in Miami … with  significant investment potential.

“Housing market performance continues to vary greatly by neighborhood and city with nearly 60 percent of homes seeing value declines and 40 percent seeing increases. The largest year-over-year decline was in Florida City, where properties have lost 46.7 percent of value since last April. The largest year-over-year increase was in Pinecrest, where home values have gained 16.2 percent in the last year.”   Access the link here to see the full Miami Herald article on housing trends .

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