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Nifty Tricks with Floorplans and Furniture Arranging

After submitting an offer, and avidly negotiating the purchase of your new home,  you are popping the Champagne and celebrating …  “Offer accepted!” … 

Then you start thinking:  ” What furniture should I bring (and what should I ditch)? … how  am I going to arrange the stuff I have already,  in my NEW HOME …  and what am I going to have to buy?”   

Most of our home buyers aren’t interior decorators …  With a little help (graph paper … room dimensions… and some furniture pieces cut to scale) arranging furniture is less stressful … less back-breaking …  less trial and error…  and a whole lot easier than hefting bulky furnishings from one side of the room to another and back again.    

It’s not always possible, but Alexandra and I try to get a set of floor-plans for our buyers … It  beats having them  guess at dimensions and openings …  and it’s better than imposing on the sellers,  trekking  back and forth to measure and visualize spaces in the home that will become the buyers (once we close on it).

I remember when I was getting ready to move into one of my very first homes. I was toying with how to arrange furniture in my head and finding it a challenge … so I cut furniture pieces to scale, and using graph paper I manupulated the pieces of  ‘furniture’ around, arranging them on photocopied blueprints till the rooms ‘worked’.  

Someone  apparently coined my concept … and came up with a way to simplify moving … on paper.  Whether  you want to come up with your own  home-made version, or  use a more professional version like the one the Miami Herald reports on in their Home & Garden section, you may find playing house on paper worth the effort …  It’s less work than manually moving heavy furnture :   

A tool for room makeovers – Home & Garden –

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