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Upsurge in Sales in Deering Bay

Although there are over a dozen condos currently listed for sale in Deering Bay,  very few homes (or condos) actually  SOLD in the golf resort/marina/ gated community in the past year.   The most recent sale in there,  Alexandra and Vicki Restivo sold and closed on in May 2011 –  That three bedroom penthouse unit in Siena  sold for $1,500,000.  There have been  three other sales in Deering Bay in the span of 6 months … each ranging from $709,000 to $1,260,000.   To see what’s listed now in Deering Bay, as well as the closed sales and the one currently pending listing, you can use the link here.

The properties currently available in Deering are 15 condos and 1 villa…. located in Milano, Venice, Siena, and Padua.    A handful were  listed within just the past month,  (some for sale and for lease – simultaneously) …  There are several units  in Deering that have been on the market for over two years now… with very little movement …  until recently. 

At the start of 2011 there were  several of homes listed for sale in Deering Bay … a few of which were leased out.  As of today, there are only a couple homes available for sale  (one estate home/ and one patio home)  that are listed for sale through the MLS.  Most are condos…  and there are a few pocket listings.   Considering buying, selling or leasing?  We would love to hear from you.  The Restivo Team  305 793-1365.

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