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Tips: Electricity, Water & Sewer in Miami

To simplify your move,  the minute you have a contract … whether it be a lease or a  home purchase…  contact the utility companies and set up your account.   FPL makes it a fairly seemless task, but Miami-Dade Water & Sewer can be considerably more of a hassle.  

By calling to give the utility company your  start date  (closing or move-in) …  the utility company will likely already be working with an existing account on that property …  All that needs doing is to transfer the account from one name to another.

If the seller terminates their Water and Sewer account before you arrange for service, the utility company may require that a technician physically come out to the property. 

In the case of Miami Dade Water & Sewer,just  know that if the seller cancels service before you set up your account, they may physically need to come out … which could mean something along the lines of  “We will send someone out between 8pm and midnight”.

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