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Real Estate Marketing – Honesty is the Best Policy

Many of our clients look at property online, and occasionally they’ll ask us for more information on something that they find (that we haven’t already emailed them a link for).  

There is one in Coconut Grove  listed now that is  amusing:  Listed in the MLS  as a 2 bedroom 2 bath … it turns out that it might be something different…  In speaking with the listing agent, she asks me  how many people it’s for.  “Two”  –  (… the answer … she likes).   She then asks to clarify a bit:  because even though it’s advertised  in the MLS as a 2 bedroom it  is really what she prefers to call “a convertable two bedroom”… now that we’re talking on the phone.   

Okay… so what’s a convertable 2 bedroom?  Perhaps it’s den that could be used as a second bedroom?    

No … She’s  marketing the condo as a two bedroom and then clarifying to buyers and agents:  “What makes it a convertable two bedroom is that there’s a sofa bed in the living room.”   So … it’s really a one bedroom with a living room … and … a sofa bed.  

No reason not to fly with this …  You just have to laugh.

Our buyers response … “Wow … that changes how we might need to advertise the home we’re selling in Maine to relocate to Miami… We  have always considered ours to be a five bedroom.  Who would have known …  after all these years…  that we too have an extra bedroom!”

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