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International Home Buyers … Where Are They Coming From?

As Miami Realtors who work with international home buyers,  we’ve noticed that  foreign investors  coming to South Florida definitely mirror what the rest of the country is seeing:   Buyers from Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Venezuela,  Argentina, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Far East, Dubai and the Middle East…  are buying Miami… and there is the opportunity to do well, whether you are buying or selling.

Florida is unquestionably a top resort destination –   easily accessible from nearly anywhere in the world.  And with Florida now having a modernized and expanded international airport … MIA –  “Miami International Airport” …   South Florida  is on the map and on the radar screen of foreign investors.

Currency exchange rates  favor real estate investment … in many parts of the United States right now.   International buyers are taking advantage of lucrative property  investment opportunities (distressed as well as non-distressed property) primarily in  resort destinations …   and real estate is seen as a solid  investment option  (especially given the volatility of the stock market … and diminished profitablity of other investments).  

Florida, Arizona, California and Texas are the four states that TOP THE LIST  as far as real estate is concerned (according to the National Association of Realtors) … not only for acquiring distressed sales, but for purchasing regular non-distressed listings that offer a potentially solid return.

If you are considering buying or selling,  this might be an opportunity to do so.  We would love to chat with you –  now, or whenever you’re ready.  Please contact us.  The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors …  305 793-1365     [email protected]

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