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Does Your Neighborhood Sell Itself?


Neighbors who are visible (and happy!)  … out riding bikes, walking and chatting with other neighbors, puttering in their gardens, mowing their lawns,  their kids playing outside…  laughing and smiling …  can make for a  neighborhood that tends to sell itself.  

It’s not just YOUR curb appeal or the well-manicured facades of the homes to either side of yours… but it’s that sense of community … that sells a house.  

How your neighborhood is perceived by potential buyers  can impact  the sale of your house. 

If you’re buying … contemplating a new area …  we  suggest you go back  at  a different times of the day or week … just to get a feel for the neighborhood.  Talk to the people you see out and about … and get a first hand sense of whether it’s a good fit for you.   

Miami neighborhoods are as diverse as our culture … blending bohemian and beachy… opulent and breathtaking … gated … manicured… rustic … FOR AN OVERVIEW OF MIAMI NEIGHBORHOODS ON OUR REAL ESTATE WEBSITE AND DAILY BLOGS  visit

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