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Leasing Property Under Renovation

With so few homes available for rent or lease right now in Miami, you may be tempted to lease something that’s under repair or  renovation.

If you’re considering that,  hopefully your timeframe for move-in is  at least somewhat flexible, because even with the best of intentions (and having the most conscientious of landlords and real estate agenst representing you)  deadlines can (and believe me, they do) get pushed back… and your move-in date delayed. 

We have been working with half a dozen families recently who decided to sign leases on homes that were  in the throws of being updated.  Why?  Because those particular properties seemed to be the nicest  listings available at the time, for the price.   The vast majority  (5) of those properties were delivered according to schedule …  But we are following up on a house  this afternoon that’s already a week late in it’s delivery …   frustrating beyond words,  for all parties involved…. Looks as though it is finally finished and ready-to-move-in as of tomorrow. 

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