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Top Selling Feature That May Surprise You

With gas prices having sky-rocketed, homes that may have been considered less desirable (because of proximity to the highway or metro-rail lines) are now in higher demand

No, that’s not true for ALL properties, obviously … nor for all buyers.

Not everyone wants to feel the rattling of passing train cars from their living room, nor do they want hear  noise from the interstate as they’re grilling on their deck or patio. 

But if you’re selling a property that is near a highway,  MetroRail,  train tracks, don’t market it for other than what it is.   Your buyer is going to want exactly what your house has to offer. 

Not every house is right for everyone …  It’s not supposed to be.    Marketing your house to the RIGHT buyer is essential though.   Advertise yours for exactly WHAT IT IS … and  turn that  into a POSITIVE …  which might mean: “Commuter-friendly neighborhood“.

A house near the highway, in spite of road noise,  might be perfect for the commuter who wants to shorten his/her commute …   And a condo near the metrorail might be just right for the homeowner who wants to save on gas.  

Each property has plusses ….  By turning  perceived negatives into positives,   those ‘qualities’ and ‘assets’  may well be  key to finding you the ‘right buyer’.   Contemplating a move?    Call us  …   As hyper local real estate  agents in Miami Florida, the Restivo Team looks forward to making your next move your best move.   Vicki and Alexandra Restivo –  EWM Realtors  International  305 793-1365  or contact us here through our real estate blog and website or by email at [email protected]

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