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South Florida Lures a Diversity of People … Would You Buy … Sight Unseen?

I moved to Miami from New York City over two decades ago.   Homes weren’t listed or available on the Internet back then.  You had to physically go to see each one … in person.   I think I visited about a hundred before narrowing it down, and buying.

We just rented out a beachfront condo to clients who were referred to us :  Two  young executives … a couple…  relocating from Texas … to Miami.   They’re driving across country …  arriving a day before starting their new jobs.  They haven’t seen their condo (other than online) … and they won’t … until they get here. 

They have access to  information online  …  information about  anything and everything imaginable on Miami Beach … about the building they’ll be leasing in … the amenities …  and about their neighborhood… restaurants … shopping… where to go and what to do… and about their commute to downtown  Miami where they’ll be working.  They have access to bird’s eye views of the areas… the beach … the  and they have access to visual tours.  

But they haven’t seen it, or Miami either,  firsthand.  

 And … they’re wondering if they’ll fit in … whether they’ll feel comfortable here … whether they’ll like the condo …   their apartment  (with it’s wide open views … the white sandy beaches and crystalline waters …  their oceanfront balconies… and their new lifestyle which will have them living smack in the middle of Millionaire’s Row).  It’s not Texas.  This is Miami.  It’s all new for them.

Will they like Miami?  Will they like living,  working,  playing here … in South Florida?  They’ve asked  that question.  And I can’t answer, because I really don’t know.   But  they’ll start off renting …   and take it a step at a time.  My guess is that they will like it … and that they will end up buying here too.

Florida has an incredibly diverse  population of people  …  and in Miami alone there are more than 106 other  languages spoken (besides English).  There’s a diversity of foods,  religions,  ethnicity and backgrounds, an array of opinions, and political persuasions …  If I were to guess,  I’d imagine that almost anyone can certainly  find friendship here, and carve out  the right niche for themselves… and feel at home  in Miami.

Miami is definitely a cultural melting pot … smack, dab in the middle of the tropics…. and surrounded by water and palm trees.  

 Those who call Miami ‘home’   were born in 171  different countries.

Whenever you are in the  market to buy, sell or lease real estate in Miami, we would love to help you move here or relocate elsewhere.  Call us anytime …   We are available to you, whenever you are ready …  the Restivo Team at EWM Realtors … Vicki Restivo 305 793-1365  …  Alexandra Restivo  305 632-0164.  We are local real estate agents and would love to work with you!

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