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Crash in Housing Market … WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO? – “Sell Now?” … “Time To Buy?”

Well, if you’re reading any of John R. Talbot’s books , he has it pretty much spelled out:

Here are the titles :

2003:  “The Coming Crash in Housing Market

2006:  “Sell Now! End of the Housing Bubble

2012:  And now  he is quoted as saying …   “It is time to buy a new home!”. 

Warren Buffett agrees …  saying it’s time to buy…   and if you are looking for a top real estate agent in the Miami area, the Restivo Team at EWM Realtors would love to help you move on – whether you’re looking to sell or wanting to buy.  Alexandra and Vicki  305 793-1365 or 305 632-0164  both write for,  a Miami based real estate blog  providing information to investors, buyers and sellers.  The Restivo’s are top local real estate experts  in Miami who work with buyers and sellers, and offer referral recommendations  of top realtors nationally and internationally to relocating clients.    



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