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Obligatory Water Hook Up in Pinecrest

We published a previous post on water hook up requirements through … and are reposting it now because it’s a question that’s asked frequently. 

 The Village of Pinecrest indicates: 

1)  Current homeowners in the Village of Pinecrest have a 10 year grace period in which to connect to city water, once the lines are in place for that particular residence.

2) Hook-up is mandatory once a property is sold.

 3) It is the responsibility of the buyer to connect, and the buyer has 90 days in which to do so.

 4) Costs are subject to change …  Prices were $146 for the Village of Pinecrest permit, and $486 for Miami-Dade hook-up…. but  check with the governing municipality that your property is within for any changes.

 5) The buyer hires their own plumber to do the work. Price varies accordingly. 


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